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Two Green Thumbs and More

Memories are created by a lifetime of experiences.
Heirlooms are created by a lifetime of use.
Let our handcrafted pieces create those memorable experiences with your family and friends.

How to Place an Order

Interested in ordering some custom pieces from Two Green Thumbs?
Did you see something at a show or online that caught your eye?

Email or call 704.614.8703 to discuss what you’re looking for.
We are happy to take your order over the phone and we ship or deliver for locals.

Thanks so much! We look forward to creating your custom pieces.

Ricardo & Mandy

Reflect Your Passion in Your Presentation

These unique, handmade items will display your sophistication, creativity, and the care you put into the culinary treats you prepare.

At Two Green Thumbs and More, each item is individually hand-crafted, making each a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece for you to use.

We choose quality woods and provide care instructions for each piece as you put them to use throughout your shop or your home.

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Two Green Thumbs and More

When I was a kid, my papa had huge gardens and the ability to grow anything he wanted. When I was six, I planted a few pumpkin seeds along the side of our house and ended up with a pumpkin patch to outdo all pumpkin patches. It was then that I first heard the comment that I had ‘two green thumbs’ like my papa. To this day, I think of him whenever I hear that phrase.

Papa also created amazing woodwork, building anything from toys and doll houses for the grand-kids to custom items for my mom and aunts to paint.

When I met my husband in late 2012, I soon discovered he was also pretty good with his hands and loved to work with wood. We started our first business, Two Green Thumbs, in 2016 and took on yard work and handyman services.

Christmas 2016 brought wood working tools and excitement into our home. This encouraged us to grow our business to become Two Green Thumbs and More. Now we make one-of-a-kind woodwork pieces. I say we, but I mean my husband.