Memories are created by a lifetime of experiences.
Heirlooms are created by a lifetime of use.
Let our handcrafted pieces create those memorable experiences with your family and friends.

"We LOVE our charcuterie board from Two Green Thumbs. It's stunning. We almost gave it as a gift but could not resist how stunning it is. We entertain a lot and this is a piece we love to show off. Thanks for the great work on this piece for our home!"

Sean and Travis

Handcrafted Heirlooms

These unique, handcrafted items will display your sophistication, creativity, and the care you put into the culinary treats you prepare.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

No two pieces are the same. Each item is individually handcrafted, making each a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece for you to use.

Beautiful, Quality Woods

We choose quality woods and provide care instructions for each piece as you put them to use throughout your shop or your home.

About Us

The story of Two Green Thumbs and More is truly an illustration unto itself, given that the very name of our business represents the ability to grow with success – and that is just what our company has done and continues to do with each year and within our own evolution.

In a way, you could say that our company’s history began as far back as my pappaw. He was an incredible gardener and woodcrafter and I am grateful to say that he passed the gardening skills on to me. My husband however, has the woodworking skills in spades. As I look back, his influence produced a passion that began as early as my sixth year on this earth and with a few pumpkin seeds that I planted in the ground beside our house. When they sprang up and yielded a harvest that would make even the Great Pumpkin, himself, proud – I knew that surely, I had inherited my pappaw’s two green thumbs – and more.

As the years passed, I continued nurturing those passions and so it was a wonderful gift in 2012 when I met my husband, Ricardo, and discovered that he, too, had a love for gardening. It was something we enjoyed enough that in 2016, we decided to create and launch a business, Two Green Thumbs, which offered lawn care and handyperson services. It was the Christmas of that same year that Ricardo received woodworking tools as a gift from my parents and when he started using them, his natural gift, much like my pappaw’s, became evident. With every piece he crafted, his love for the process grew and it was then that we decided to expand the business, officially renaming it, Two Green Thumbs and More.

From 2016 to the present, we have continued to discover and define our direction and it is now, in 2021, that we are turning the page to write this new chapter in our company’s story. We are excited to launch a new online store which will readily offer a selection of our most popular wood-crafted pieces, while also accommodating limited special requests and offering volume pricing for large quantities. Yes, we still have our “two green thumbs” but we are excited and ready to focus on the “more”.
I think my pappaw would be proud.

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I LOVE my charcuterie board! It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the walnut is so beautiful. When I am not using it for entertaining guests, I leave it out and use it as a display piece. An heirloom for sure. Ricardo & Mandy!

Elizabeth H.

While I LOVE my personal stash of TGT items, they make great gifts! The quality and craftsmanship of every item (not to mention the creativity that goes into the product choices and wood selections) makes any of their products the perfect gift for my hard-to-shop-for people. They’re not only functional items, but they are lovely works of art that I am proud to gift and use myself.

C.A. Hartman

Beautiful woodwork by Ricardo. I use the small cutting board almost daily. The large cutting board was a special gift to a client who loved it. Dish towels are great and the wooden utensils are a pleasure to use!

Linda M.

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